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Although you can use the search function to find all of the minimum wage posts on this website, I figured making a list of all of them in chronological order would be better to refer to. (I could also make a category for it, but I already think I have too many categories as of now and find this more appealing to the eye) Here is the list, from the latest at the top to the oldest at the bottom:

2/2/14:  Does the Minimum Wage Stimulate the Economy?

12/10/13: Krugman Calls for Increasing the Minimum Wage. Here’s Why He’s Wrong.

6/4/13: Spanish Government Starts Reading My Blog

2/15/13: The Minimum Wage Does Indeed Cause Unemployment

1/12/13: The So-Called “Living” Wage

11/11/11: More on the Minimum Wage and Obama’s Attempted Christmas Tree Tax

10/30/11: The Minimum Wage

10/23/11: Praxeology and Subjective Valuation

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