Cenk Uygur Unknowingly Proves His Hypocrisy While Attempting to Disprove It


In a video about gun control laws being introduced in Colorado and Connecticut, Cenk reveals his support for them. In many videos before, Cenk has backed state laws for marijuana but has simultaneously called gun control nullification laws unconstitutional. So he has received a lot of flack from me and others for this apparent inconsistency.

In this video though, he states:

Now, of course, by the way, unlike the hypocritical right-wing, I have always maintained that states’ rights depends. Now if you’re doing experimentation at the state level that does not take away fundamental rights, absolutely, of course you should do experimentation. That’s part of the genius of the founding fathers. Now you can’t take away people’s fundamental rights away. You can’t say “alright, well this is Connecticut, so I’d like to, you know, say that Chinese people don’t have constitutional rights anymore.” Of course you can’t do that. Now I know that some gun rights advocates will say, well, the second amendment’s a fundamental right, but there’s never been an argument made that you can’t regulate it in any way, shape or form. Even the first amendment, which is a fundamental right has some regulations. You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater. So experimenting at the state level with incredibly lax gun control and strict gun control laws makes sense.

So let’s think about this for a second. Cenk thinks state experimentation is fine as long as it doesn’t take rights away. If that’s the case, then the recent states that have nullified federal gun control laws should be completely fine by him. After all, as his last sentence shows, he thinks that some states should have lax gun control laws and others should have strict ones. But the recent nullification proposals were not fine by him. In fact, he reacted extremely emotionally against it.

Fortunately, for Cenk, I can actually think up an answer for him to this from watching previous videos (e.g this and this). Cenk could say, he likes state experimentation, but he also doesn’t want them to come into (real, violent) conflict with federal authorities. So extending this possibility to marijuana, he might say he doesn’t mind states legalizing marijuana, but he doesn’t want them arresting federal agents who try to enforce federal marijuana laws within those states.

So that seems sensible. Has Cenk been acquitted of his hypocrisy?

In fact, no he has not.

Let me explain. According to Cenk, he is for state experimentation as long as it doesn’t take away rights. Let’s say the federal government passes a law regulating cigarettes to a high level. Even if a state passes a law regulating cigarettes to a lower level, it, by the fact of the stricter federal law, is as if there is not even a state law. There is actually no state experimentation, because Cenk says federal law trumps state law. At least that’s how he wants it to be.

Cenk says he likes state experimentation when it comes to marijuana and even gun control now! But this is actually not true. Cenk only likes state experimentation for marijuana and not for gun control. He is in fact, unintentionally deceiving both himself and others.

This is clear because he 1) does not want the current federal marijuana laws and 2) wants federal gun control laws. In other words, he wants state experimentation for marijuana but does not want state experimentation for gun control, as is evident from his claim that federal law trumps state law.

What is our conclusion then? Cenk wants states’ rights for issues he agrees with and doesn’t want states’ rights for issues he disagrees with.

If what I have explained went over your head, let me try to summarize it. Cenk believes in state experimentation, but only under a framework of “federal law trumps state law”. Therefore, he can claim to be for state experimentation everywhere, but at the same time, desire for there to be lots of state experimentation only in some areas and practically none in others. This is evident from the fact that Cenk supports federal marijuana legalization, but wants harsher federal gun control laws. The harsher federal gun control laws get, the less state experimentation in gun control there is, and this is what Cenk really wants. If he actually wants state experimentation and a respect for states’ rights, he must be for lax federal laws not just for marijuana, but for gun control as well.


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