An Interesting Yet Obviously True Statement

We are healthier when we are born than when we die.

I think some people might make an objection such as the following: what if you are born with illness but die without illness? This objection brings us to the fundamental question: what is the meaning of health and what is the meaning of illness? If one regards health as the absence of illness or pain or rather the well-being of an individual, they might not agree with the statement I made. However, if an individual is about to die, how can we say truly say he is healthy? Shouldn’t death be the ultimate end, the cause of which is the absence of health? Since birth is the opposite of death, and health is the opposite of sickness, shouldn’t we formulate a definition of health and sickness based on this?

For clarification, I don’t think my statement means that you are necessarily less healthy after you are born than when you were born, though that is typically what we see.

I am curious about the logical status of this statement. Is it an observable fact? Or is it a reflective one? It seems like a reflective fact to me. We bring meaning to the statement by reflecting on it, not by simply observing the health of babies and that of old men and women and comparing.

Of course, maybe I am completely wrong about all of this. Let me know if you think I am.


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