Obama Teaches Us How to Run a Circle around a Question

I posted this as a comment recently on EPJ in response to a video of Ben Swann interviewing Obama. Here’s a slightly edited version of what I said:

Firstly, here’s the interview I’m discussing, of which the first Q&A is what is relevant. Of course, feel free to watch the whole video if you’re interested.

So Swann asks Obama why his lawyers are fighting the judge’s orders against the NDAA’s indefinite detention clause. Obama responds:

1) His primary job is to keep the American people safe. Only next is his role to do it in a way that respects American values, traditions, and rule of law.
2) But there are people that have pledged to try to hurt Americans that they can’t try in a traditional court. It’s a complicated situation.
3) An American citizen can never be subject to that sort of detention. Congress has disagreed with him.
4) The only reason he passed it was so he could finance the military and pay the soldiers.
5) So he signed the bill saying he would never use this power, and he believed courts in the long run would find it unconstitutional.

So firstly, he doesn’t explain why we can’t try the people who have “pledged to hurt Americans” in a traditional court. If they have taken such a pledge, it would undoubtedly be easy to lock them up.

Secondly, in response to point #3 and 4, Anonymous @12:22 AM has pointed out that Carl Levin, one of the two creators of the bill, stated it was the Obama administration that wanted the power in the first place. Here’s the video of that:

Thirdly, if point #5 is true, WHY are his lawyers fighting the judge who ALREADY ruled it unconstitutional. Obama runs a complete circle around the question, in the end, completely avoiding answering it at all. Swann asks Obama why his lawyers are fighting the judge’s ruling. Obama essentially replies “I would never use the power, and the courts will rule it unconstitutional in the long run.” And the alert listener thinks “wait a second…if Obama wants the courts to say it’s unconstitutional, then isn’t it merely hypocritical to be fighting the court when it already DOES say it’s unconstitutional?” Obama’s actions speak louder than his words. Swann asks “why are you fighting the court’s orders against the NDAA” and Obama responds “I want the courts to be against the NDAA.”

????? This is akin to asking someone “why did you kill that man?” and them responding “I want him to live.”

Unfortunately, I’d venture to say 99% of Americans are not alert. Hell, for a moment there, even I thought to myself “Oh Obama isn’t so bad he just passed it so the troops can get paid, and he’s hoping in the long run the courts will find it unconstitutional.”

This man is a devious tyrant. The overused idiom “sly as a fox”is only an understatement describing the politician’s wit and charm in pleasing the average American.

For those interested, here are Swann’s responses after the fact:


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