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A Dozen Things Obama Supporters Are Basically Saying

This is based off of Tom Wood’s video A Dozen Things Non-Ron Paul Supporters Are Basically Saying, which was mainly directed at a conservative audience. This post, though, is directed toward the liberal audience that is hollering “Obama 2012” even in the face of his lies and deceit. I expect this year to be a “better” year for Obama as he attempts to pander to progressives with the election arriving in November, but a second term for Obama will be no different than the first. So here are a dozen things Obama supporters are basically saying:

1)      I am fine with the mass murder of innocent human beings by our government in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Somalia (drone strikes are still occurring in Iraq even though the war “ended”.)

2)      I have listened to Ron Paul’s speech in Armed Chinese Troops in Texas! and think it’s a silly argument because Obama is continuing the same foreign policy that is criticized in that speech.

3)      It doesn’t bother me that Obama attempted to stay in Iraq even after his promise to end the war there.

4)      I enjoy the fact that our politicians ignore the Constitution.

5)      I think the Patriot Act is patriotic and privacy is not a concern.

6)      The drug war is going great! Caging innocent individuals for nonviolent crimes makes sense to me! I’m a racist so it’s perfectly fine that minorities disproportionately suffer from these laws.

7)      It’s not a big deal that Guantanamo Bay is still open.

8)      I support Keynesian economic policies even though Keynesian economists did not realize there was a crisis coming until 2006 while Austrian economists predicted the crisis and started warning of a housing bubble as early as 2001.

9)      I’m not skeptical at all of “financial reform” with a president whose 2nd largest donor is Goldman Sachs.

10)   Assassination of American citizens without a trial or the release of any evidence proving their guilt is a moral government policy.

11)   A president who unilaterally begins a war in Libya without the consent of Congress and against his oath to the Constitution should have a second term.

12)   I’m fine with the idea that the president (by signing the NDAA into law) can unilaterally detain an American citizen indefinitely without ever giving them a trial. Not only would I trust President Obama with this, I’d trust President Romney, President Gingrich, and President Santorum as well!

UPDATE 3/3/12:

Two pictures I thought that fit well with this: